Will I receive my Kit by Mail?

No. The First Peoples Digital Kit is entirely Web: all the contents are consulted on this website.

What is the connection between the Kit and the exhibition This is Our Story. First Nations and Inuit of the 21st Century?

The Exhibition This is Our Story. First Nations and Inuit of the 21st Century was created in close collaboration with the 11 Aboriginal Nations of Quebec. Its messages reflect the rich diversity of contemporary Aboriginal voices while frankly addressing facts from the past. It aims to open a dialogue with all residents of Quebec and the world, to break down prejudices and create better mutual understanding.

The content of the Kit also comes from these consultations, but address the themes differently. In this sense, the Kit complements a visit to the exhibition.

If you would like to book an activity at the exhibition, please go to the Education section of the Museum’s website.

Where do the names of Aboriginal Nations used in the Kit come from?

Musée de la civilisation uses Aboriginal ethnonyms out of respect for vernacular languages.

The 11 Aboriginal Nations of Quebec as they call themselves are:
- Anishinabeg (Algonquin);
- Atikamekw Nehirowisiwok;
- Eeyou (Cree);
- Huron-Wendat;
- Innu;
- Inuit;
- Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk);
- Mi'gmaq;
- Naskapis;
- Waban-Aki (Abenaki);
- Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet).

How were the Kit, the teaching guide and the activities designed?

The First People’s Digital Kit was designed to be used in your French or English class (depending on the teaching language). Its contents are also complementary to Social Studies and Ethics and Religious Culture courses.

The teaching guide helps you to prepare lessons. You can freely use and expand on it as you wish! Don’t hesitate to select content elements (videos, collection objects, informative capsules, etc.) and recombine them in a thousand and one ways to create your own activities, homework, teamwork, etc.

The activities help students check their comprehension of the story (stories, illustrations, objects from the Museum’s collection, etc.), while discovering contemporary Aboriginal voices. The work is automatically corrected, so you won’t have to check it.

Does the Kit also work on tablets and phones?

The Kit works on digital tablets but is not optimized for phones.

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